Anupama 3rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Vanraj And Anupama Spend Quality Time In Resort

April 03, 2021


Kinjal calls mechanic for car tyre repair and tells family that mechanic told he is coming in 5 minutes but still hasn’t in 30 minutes. Baa says its okay as they are not going to picnic. Mamaji asks what does she mean. She says she was joking. Kinjal says she will hire a cab as mummy papa must have reached the resort already. Baa acts as getting knee pain. Vanraj with Anu reaches resort and goes to park bike and when he returns, he doesn’t find Anu. Baa acts as having severe knee pain and keeps Kinjal, Bapujii, and Mamaji busy serving her. Kavya fumes at home seeing Vanraj taking Anu for picnic.

Vanraj sees Anu dancing on Aja Nachle Nachle… song and enjoys smilingly. He sees she is about to step on a stone, keeps his hand on it and shouts when she steps on it. She asks what is he doing here. He scolds her why did he come without informing him like a kid. She gets sad. He laughs and says he was joking. He makes her sit on a chair. She says she there was sunlight there, so she came here searching tree and lost her way, she felt afraid, but then she felt peace like in temple and didn’t know when she started dancing and felt as if she met herself. He says after 3 days, their lives will change forever; he didn’t think this situation would arise in life. She says life doesn’t go according to their thinking and reminds the day when he came to see her and she thought he would reject her right away. He says don’t underestimate herself as she also looks beautiful. He says not handsome like him and says when he came to see her, he was in college and Bhavesh ran to her and told that a boy resembling Vinod Khanna came to see her. He says even he saw her via window and she was looking very angry. She says she wanted to study and thought why he came with alliance. He says he drank her prepared tea in one gulp and it was very sweet. She says she fell in his love at first sight, but he didn’t. He says after Toshu was born, she had a glow on her face and he just stood looking at her. She asks why did he agree to marry her as she was unfit for him. and what did he see in her. He says wife.

Kavya fumes that V didn’t call back her yet, what are they doing together till now. Nandini reminds that they are husband and wife. Kavya says there is nothing left between them. Nandini asks then why she is feeling insecure. Kavya thinks whenever things are about to set right, V doesn’t something and don’t know what is going in his mind. She calls Vanraj’s lawyer and asks him about his divorce date. Lawyer says he already gave divorce date letter to Mr Shah who himself received it. She thinks her doubt is true that V is hiding about his divorce from her and went on a picnic with family, she needs to find out what is going in his mind.

Vanraj thanks Anu for serving him and his family for 25 years and giving him 3 beautiful kids and says she is right that there was something between them that made them stay together for 25 years, but they are getting divorce in 25 years. She says they walked together for whole life, but she is left behind as she was unfit for her. He says she was just walking and he was running, he should have understood her as even he was not perfect; he made his office his house and got closer to Kavya and he fell in her love slowly, he shouldn’t have hidden it from her and made a mistake. She says they shouldn’t discuss about it. He asks what will happen after 3 days, he cannot handle Pakhi and how will he alone handle family. She says he has Kavya with him and a woman becomes wife when husband supports her. A stick falls on her. She shouts snake. He says its a stick and laughs, then says everyone must have come and they should go and check. She hurriedly gets up and says let us go. He stops and asks if everything will be handled. She says they will and walks with him remembering the sad and happy events of their lives till divorce notice.

Precap: Vanraj while returning form resort asks Anu when should they inform family about divorce date. Kavya smirks thinking of informing Shah family about Vanraj and Anu’s divorce and informs them.

Anupama 3rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Vanraj And Anupama Spend Quality Time In Resort Anupama 3rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Vanraj And Anupama Spend Quality Time In Resort Reviewed by rockstar on April 03, 2021 Rating: 5

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 3rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sagar Kidnaps Gehna

April 03, 2021

Family takes Anant home after his treatment and make him rest on his bed. Paresh asks Anant how did this happen. Anant says when he left from home for interview, someone kidnapped him and wanted to break Gehna mentally and physically to stop her from performing in finale round. Gehna asks if he saw his face. 

He says his face was covered. Gehna says he is surely Sagar as only he is attacking them repeatedly. Pankaj agrees. Anant says he will not spare Sagar. Sapan asks him to rest. Pankaj says they should file complaint against Sagar. Hema gets tensed that police will torture her Bhaila if they complain against him. Baa says they shouldn’t so soon, asks Anant to rest, and prays god to protect Anant and Gehna from repeatedly coming problems. Hiral says they should visit their family Mataji temple where wives pray for their husbands and families. Gehna says she will visit Mataji’s temple and pray there as she is fasting and will break it only after prayers there. Anant asks why did she fast. Paresh says let us go to temple and pray. Baa asks where is Kanak and if she has taken her loss seriously.

Kanak panics in her room, breaks stuff, and thinks Gehna was her maid and used to make her wear slippers, now she defeated her all because of Sagar’s failed plans, so she will not punish Sagar now. Hema calls Sagar and warns him not to fall in Kanak’s trap again as she gets her work done from him and then leaves him to suffer when he is caught. She also warns him not to trouble Gehna anymore as she is good. Gehna walks to Hema and asks to tell where pooja kalash is as she is going to temple in the evening. Sagar gets happy hearing that and thinks of taking revenge from Gehna in temple. Kanak meets him and scolds him for sparing Gehna easily. She gives him bangles and asks to return to Jamnagar as his plans always fail and he is fit for nothing. He takes it as challenge.

Gehna feeds soup to Anant with teary eyes. Anant asks her not to worry as Sapan told he will get well soon and anyways she is there to take care of him. Gehna emotionally says he was in trouble and suffered alone for her. He says she need not worry as he knew that she would win. She asks if he was so confident on her. He says he saw her win in her eyes. She tries to leave. He holds her hand and says he wants to tell her something and requests to wear Mrs Surat crown for him once as he couldnt’ see her properly on stage. She wears crown and shows it to him. He signals she is looking awsome, and she shies.

Radhika threatens Kanak to inform Anant and calls him. Anant seeing Radhika’s call reminisces telling Gehna that doesn’t love her as he already fell in Radhika’s love. He picks call. Radhika says she called to find out how is he and disconnects call asking to take care of himself. Anant searches Gehna. Radhika warns Kanak that she didn’t tell him yet and says she knows Anant is her life and she will not spare her if something happens to her; asks if she did all this with Sagar’s help. Kanak says she asked Sagar to just kidnap Anant, but not kill him; Sagar took out his revenge on Anant. Radhika asks to tell this in police station. Kanak says she can get Anant only via her and Gehna is their common enemy, so they together should get their enemy out of their ways.

Gehna gets ready for temple. Baa says she will accompany her. Gehna asks her to take care of Anant and leaves home. Sagar’s aide follows her and informs him that she left home just now. Gehna reaches temple. Sagar disguised as old man reaches temple and thinks when he has come here, he will go only after taking revenge from Gehna. He stops her and asks if she came to perform pooja for her husband. She asks who is he. He says he is devi maa’s devotee and has special powers, her pooja is incomplete and should complete it by tying thread around the tree in the backside of temple. Gehna agrees and walks towards tree when Sagar’s goon surround her. She runs. Sagar throws ash into her eyes, and she collapses. He lifts her and carries her away. Anant senses something wrong happened with Gehna and calls her. Tia asks if he needs something as Gehna went to temple. He asks if Baa went with her. Tia says she went alone. He says she knows her enemies are out waiting for her and rushes towards door when he falls on Gehna’s photo frame and it breaks down. He realizes Gehna is in danger.

Precap: Anant prays god to help him reach Gehna. Sagar molests Gehna, and Gehna calls Anant for help.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 3rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sagar Kidnaps Gehna Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 3rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Sagar Kidnaps Gehna Reviewed by rockstar on April 03, 2021 Rating: 5

Shaadi Mubarak 31st March 2021 Written Episode Update: Preeti Loses Her Job

March 31, 2021

The Episode starts with Preeti getting food for Kirti. Kirti throws the noodles. She insults Preeti. Preeti takes her keychain and says clean this up, don’t be stubborn. Kirti refuses and says my Papa is the world’s best Papa, I will get you punished. Preeti says I will see that later, I will throw the keychain. Kirti cleans the food from the floor. She comes home and complains to KT about Preeti. He gets angry and says I will get that helper fired, who is she to punish you. Preeti says you got the admission in Shikha’s school. Little Preeti says I wish we could celebrate, I know we have no money. Preeti gets halwa and makes cake of it.

She makes the girl cut the cake. Vishal comes. Preeti asks him to have prasad, Preeti got the admission in school. Vishal gets upset. He goes to his room. He calls to get some job. He says I will do any job, I will manage, don’t worry, I have to earn a lot of money. KT and Preeti come to the school. Kirti says so this girl is the helper’s daughter, I will not leave her. She drops some glue on the floor and goes away to hide. Preeti doesn’t fall there. Kirti makes her tiffin fall down. She says your mumma asks us to clean the food ourselves, you do it now. The other girl stops her. Kirti says the helper is her mumma, she works in the school.

Kirti falls down by stepping on the glue. The kids laugh. KT complains to the principal about Kirti. He says call the helper right away, I want to meet her. Principal asks peon to call Mohi. KT says I want her out of the school. Preeti comes to help the girls.

Kirti’s skirt gets torn. Preeti says I will stitch it. Peon comes and says principal is calling you. Preeti asks can we talk to her mum. Peon says she doesn’t have a mother, KT’s love spoilt her. Peon comes. Principal says just call Mohi. Mohi stitches the skirt and says I m doing what your mom would do. Kirti says I have no mum. Preeti says I don’t know myself, I m finding happiness, your mom would be around you, take your skirt. Kirti cries. Preeti gives her skirt. Kirti asks helper to get another skirt for her.

KT says I want that woman out of the school, take her out of here. He goes. Preeti comes. She doesn’t see him. Preeti and her daughter come home. A football comes towards her. The boy says you can’t play, leave it. She kicks the football and scolds him. She says don’t know what does KT think, I would have hit on his head. She sees Shikha’s mum. Aunty says you left the job in one day. Preeti says someone got me fired. Aunty asks what will we do of Preeti’s fees. Preeti says we need to pay 30000 in two weeks. Vishal says its impossible. Preeti says we will work out something. He asks will any magic happen, stop giving her false hopes. Preeti makes a call to get KT’s number. She says I have to bring someone to senses.

Its morning, Priyanka feeds sweets to Sneha. They all are happy and celebrate holi. Vishal is also working as a servant. Neil and Kushala ask servants to take the cartons out, it has pictures. Vishal doesn’t see Preeti’s pic. KT sees him and asks him to keep the things back. Vishal says I m asked to throw these junk. KT asks him to get out. Vishal says if I knew its my house, then I would have not come. Preeti says he isn’t answering my calls. Kushala asks KT to see, Preeti won’t come back. KT says enough, Preeti will come back. She says Preeti is dead, its better you understand this soon. He says Preeti will come back, its my faith. Preeti hires an auto to go to Tibrewal house.


Preeti comes to KT’s house. He gets shocked seeing Preeti. Everyone gets shocked and smiles happily.

Shaadi Mubarak 31st March 2021 Written Episode Update: Preeti Loses Her Job Shaadi Mubarak 31st March 2021 Written Episode Update: Preeti Loses Her Job Reviewed by rockstar on March 31, 2021 Rating: 5

Anupama 31st March 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama Under Bhang Effect Expresses Her Love For Vanraj

March 31, 2021

Inebriated Anupama under bhang effect confronts Rakhi that she wants to perform her bidayi, then apologizes and says she is just kidding. She says she doesn’t have any issue with her, Rakhi is a chilli and food is bland without chilli, she is thankful to Rakhi for giving her Kinju baby/Kinjal who is both beautiful by face and nature and has both their qualities. She then asks Kinjal if she understands her well, she should inform her mom that she is not bad though not well educated and is a good mother, bahu, saas, etc.

Kayva over phone insists her lawyer to finalize her divorce at any cost. Anu then walks to Vanraj calling him lambu mucchad Shah and says he only knows to get angry; like her mother says, like vision like nature, he sees only defects in her and she sees only goodness in him, she used to cook food to impress him and he used to smell only masalas from her and feel disgusted, there was something between them even if its not love like in films as he does filmy love with Kavya, there was something which held them together for 25 years because of which he didn’t inform her about Kavya; they were like needle and thread who held the whole family together; she thought they would never separate, but needle liked new thread and threw old thread, but old thread is strong again now; old thread never hurts but only needle does. Vanraj says everyone are here. Anu says everyone will be there, but she won’t be there; everything will be fine in his life, but she won’t be there for him; though he doesn’t love her, he will not forget her, etc. Family feels sad for her. Anu continues that she will be always present in someone’s memories, taunts, blessings, etc., and even if nobody loves her, she loves them a lot. She falls on him.

Baa asks Vanraj to take bahu to her room. He carries Anu. Baa then asks Kinjal about Toshu. Rakhi has he has gone to Dubai for investor meeting and left silently not to spoil their mood. Vanraj makes Anu sleep on her bed. She holds his finger semiconsciously and says she loved mooch raja liked Radhaji loved Kanhaji, but she couldn’t become Radhaji and became Meera instead and loved him immensely without getting anything in return; nobody would love her more than her; she couldn’t express her love and he couldn’t understand it; she never told him, but he couldn’t read her face at all; he was her first love. Vanraj reminisces insulting her repeatedly and feels guilty. He cleans color from her face.

Family stands in shock seeing Anu’s condition. Kinjal consoles Pakhi. Rakhi apologizes and agrees that she brought thandai/bhang milk. Sanjay asks if she gave it to Anu. Kinjal asks how can she do this. Rakhi says it was not for Anu. Baa says she did good as Anu poured her heart out after 25 years and even scolded her. Bapuji Anu expressed her feelings. Vanraj walks out and says he made Anu sleep. Rakhi laughs and says she remembers Vanu’s comment lambu muchad shah. He walks away fuming. Rakhi tells Baa that she will leave now and walks away asking her to inform if Mrs. Shah wakes up. Bapuji says Anupama is intoxicated now and will feel guilty once she gets conscious.

Kavya videocalls Vanraj and confronts him for letting Anu color him first. Vanraj says Anu had climbed balcony and came here in bhang effect. Kavya shouts why didn’t he stop her and what was his family doing; she sees Anu on his bed and shouts what is she doing on his bed. He disconnects call and thinks this night will end somehow, but how will Anu react in the morning; hopes she doesn’t remember anything. Anu wakes up in the morning holding her head due to hangover and thinks how did she come here, then reminisces last night’s event. Vanraj returns. She apologizes him. He says she is having hangover; he was taking her to Pakhi’s room, but couldn’t as she not that light like before and him not that young like before. He gives her lemon water to clear hangover. She drinks it. He asks if he is lambu muchad shah, even Rakhi is taunting him now. She apologizes and asks if she said something else. He says she herself will remember slowly. She asks if only she got intoxicated or others also. He says she alone fulfilled everyone’s share. Baa with family enters and says she was looking like beta to her.

Precap: Vanraj gets lawyer notice and informs Anu that they need to visit court after 3 days to finalize divorce.

She gets disheartened and says she fees weird. He agrees.

Anupama 31st March 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama Under Bhang Effect Expresses Her Love For Vanraj Anupama 31st March 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama Under Bhang Effect Expresses Her Love For Vanraj Reviewed by rockstar on March 31, 2021 Rating: 5

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 31st March 2021 Written Episode Update: Kanak’s Evil Ploy

March 31, 2021

Host calls Kanak on stage. Everyone clap for her. Paresh seeing her lawyer’s gown thinks Gehna came, but is shocked to see Kanak instead. Kanak ramp walks. Judge asks why she wants to become a lawyer. Kanak repeats Gehna’s speech. Gehna shatters hearing that and thinks Kanak snatched her dream, she wanted to become a lawyer, but Kanak snatched herself from her. She repeats her speech and Kanak repeats the same on stage. Tia and Paresh are shocked to see Kanak stealing Gehna’s plan. Gehna finds Anant’s gifted shagun coin and this where is he.

Anant waits for guards to get out of way and misleading them enters the competition venue. He thinks where to find Gehna in such a big place, he cannot even call her as guards get alert, he has to find her at any cost. He sees Radha Krishna idol and prays Kanhaji to help him find Gehna with a clue and walks away. Radhika notices Anant and thinks he can’t be Anant with such dirty clothes and a wobbling gait, where he must be as she is doing this show and ramp walk for him. Gehna throws coin from window. Anant picks it and realizes its the same shagun coin which he gave Gehna. Gehna peeps out of window and pleads to get her out. Anant realizes that Gehna is upstairs. Sagar thinks he will not leave the place as he cannot trust Gehna. Gehna continues knocking door.

Paresh tells Tia that Kanak did wrong by stealing Gehna’s idea, costume, and speech. Baa tells Tia that she and Bapuji enquired about Gehna and nobody saw her going out. Tia says Gehna is not even at home. Host announces Hema’s entry. Hema enters wearing fruit and vegetable basket on her hat and flowers on her gown. Kanak and Hiral laugh seeing her. Sagar hears someone coming and switches off lights. Anant thinks someone wants to hurt Gehna, so he has to save her before that. Sagar noticing him thinks Anant escaped his goon and reached here, but cannot escape from him. Judge asks Hema why she became a vegetable market and who inspired her. Hema says anna daata/food provider, she loves food and wants to feed everyone. Chetan sees her gown entangling and signals her. She falls down and requests Kanak for help, but Kanak ignores her. Guests laugh that vegetable market fell down, she doesn’t even know dressing or make up sense and if she had eaten fruits and vegetables, she wouldn’t have been obese and a joke; she should be named khao gali/eat street. Hema cries hearing that.

Gehna hears loud music and thinks how will someone hear her. She hears Anant coming. Sagar tries to hit Anant from behind. Anant catches him. He hits Anant again and runs away. Gehna knocks door. Anant tries to open door, but stops thinking if he goes in front of Gehna in this condition, she will not participate in competition. Gehna continues knocking door and thinks there is nobody there. Anant opens door and hides. Gehna gets out of room, thanks Kanhaji and gets tensed seeing Anant there. Chetan walks on stage and tries to lift Hema unsuccessfully. Guests laugh that even vegetable market’s husband cannot lift her up. Judge asks what is this drama happening. Another judge says they selected healthy contestant for entertainment and disqualifies Hema. Children say they feel insulted because of Hema and walk away. Hema continues crying. Gehna notices Anant hiding.

Precap: Host says their 9th contestant Fehna is missing. Judge says Gehna is disqualified. Gehna enters stage and tells judge that she cannot disqualify her and cannot judge this contest with just contestant’s beauty and fancy dressing. Kanak smirks thinking she will become Mrs. Surat.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 31st March 2021 Written Episode Update: Kanak’s Evil Ploy Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 31st March 2021 Written Episode Update: Kanak’s Evil Ploy Reviewed by rockstar on March 31, 2021 Rating: 5

Shaadi Mubarak 30th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Preeti And KT Cross Paths

March 30, 2021

The Episode starts with KT making sure Kirti has no problems. Vishal comes to school. He argues with Preeti. The girl gets scared. Preeti asks him not to fight. She asks the girl Preeti to go with her dad. Vishal insists Preeti to come along. The girl cries and goes. Preeti says there would be someone from my past to make me meet myself. KT is in the car. Her file papers fly over and stick to his car window. KT sees her poetry and gets the paper. 

He reads it. Vishal worries seeing the fee structure. He gets angry on Mohi. He says I have no status to get your admission done here. KT comes and sees him scolding his daughter. Vishal argues and asks him to get lost. KT says I was also the same, frustrated, then I understood that I was angry on myself, talk to your daughter well. Vishal asks him to get out. Principal looks on. KT and Vishal have a fight. KT says sorry to the girl and leaves.

Shikha’s mum asks for lunch. Preeti serves the lunch. She says don’t know what’s happening in the school. Vishal and Preeti come home. Preeti does the tilak to her and hugs. Little Preeti cries. She complains about Vishal. Preeti worries. Vishal argues with Preeti. Preeti says I wanted the girl to have a life of esteem, you can scold me, don’t tell anything to Preeti, I had promised Shikha, Preeti is more than my daughter, I will always be her mum, if you think I m a burden, you may think of anything.

Vishal says she snatched my wife, she wants to snatch my daughter. Kushala asks Kirti to come and have food. Kirti demands other dish. KT pampers Kirti. Kushala gets upset. Preeti wears a costume and dances for the girl. The girl says I didn’t get admission. Preeti says I will get your admission there, pinky promise. She hugs the girl and makes a prayer that she fulfills her promise.

Its morning, KT reads Preeti’s poetry on the radio show. She gets shocked. She checks her papers. She says my poem… KT says I want to thank the person who wrote such a beautiful poem, identity is from you, find yourself in yourself, what’s the need of the identity who someone else gives you, you are your own sky, right. Preeti says everything will be fine. She says I feel I have some old relation with you, I have heard you first, I feel like your words are to make my problems easy, thanks retro Rangila.

Principal’s son gets stomach ache. Preeti comes. Principal says we can’t help you. Preeti says calm down, you give admission to staff’s children right, I took the staff’s job in the school. Principal says sorry, I like your efforts, but we can’t ignore Vishal’s behavior. Preeti asks is he your son. She greets Shaurya. She says your mum is a rockstar, become like your mum, child makes future on own, we should help children, don’t snatch the chance from the child. Principal says fine, Preeti will study here, staff children fees is 10000rs.

KT sees Preeti’s pic and talks to her. He says mom thinks I m spoiling Kirti, I m giving her much love. Preeti joins the school staff. KT says show me how a mum saves a child from spoiling. Preeti sees Kirti crying. Kirti is hurt. Preeti says nothing will happen. She also acts to cry. She does aid to Kirti. KT says meet Kirti and tell me if I have raised her well.


Kirti misbehaves with Preeti. Preeti makes her clean the floor. Kirti complains about her to KT.

Shaadi Mubarak 30th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Preeti And KT Cross Paths Shaadi Mubarak 30th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Preeti And KT Cross Paths Reviewed by rockstar on March 30, 2021 Rating: 5

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 30th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Anant Escapes From Goons

March 30, 2021

Tia tells family that Gehna will win today’s round, she will enter in lawyer’s attire and express her thinking. Host announces that today is final round and winner will get 20 lakhs rs and a diamond crown. Bapuji hopes Anant’s presence during Gehna’s performance. Paresh says Anant has to come for Gehna for sure. Goons see Anant unconscious, get worried and free his hands and legs. Anant opens eyes and beats goons. Goon pleads to forgive him as he is working for money and has small kids to look after. Anant stops. Another goon hits his head from behind and he falls down.

Host informs that their 9th contestant Mrs. Gehna Desai is missing. Family is shocked to hear that. Baa says Gehna came with them. Tia calls Gehna. Gehna locked inside a room knocks door and asks to open it. She thinks she needs to go on stage somehow. Annat stands again and beats all the goons till they fall unconscious and walks out. Gehna continues pleasing to open the door. Sagar laughs and says nobody will come even if Gehna falls unconscious shouting for help. Gehna sees a window. Anant reaches market, takes water from a shopkeeper, drinks it, searches his mobile, doesn’t find it, and taking shopkeeper’s phone calls Gehna, bt when she doesn’t pick call reminisces goon discussing that boss has gone to stop Gehna from going on stage. He returns phone and rushes towards competition venue.

Family gets worried for Gehna. Tia asks crew member that they are Gehna’s family and would like to search for her once. Member agrees. Gehna throws things aground to make someone hear it, tries to reach window and falls down. She thinks Anant encouraged her a lot to fulfill her dream, he promised to come during last round and will come for sure, she has to get out of room for Anant somehow. She picks a prop, hits her foot by mistake and writhes in pain. Sagar thinks she can flutter a lot but cannot get out of room.

Tia with Baa walks into makeup room and seeing Radhika, Hema, and Kanak together asks what are they doing together as they are given separate room. They get nervous. Baa asks if they saw Gehna. Hema says she must have gone home fearing to lose competition. Tia says she knows Gehna is fearless. Baa says let us go and search Gehna. Kanak smirks thinking they will not find Gehna. Radhika notices her. Gehna continues pleading for help. Sagar notices Tia and Baa walking towards room and hides thinking if Gehan is found, Kanak will not spare him. Tia and Baa pass by Gehna’s room and stop hearing Gehna falling down. Sagar drops his chair to divert their attention and they walk away. Gehna hears Baa’s voice and pleads her to take her out. Baa stops and walks towards door, but Tia takes her away. Sagar laughs seeing that.

Anant reaches competition venue, but security guards stop him. He says his wife is competing and he needs to meet her. Guards ask if he has invitation, he cannot enter without it. He thinks he needs to make sure that Gehna is safe. Guard discusses that contestant Gehna Desai is missing. Anant thinks Sagar must have done something and he needs to help her. Gehna pleads god for help.

Precap: Tia sees Kanak entering wearing lawyer’s dress and says Gehna had to wear this dress. Judges asks Kanak why she wants to become a lawyer. Kanak repeats Gehna’s words. Gehna hearing that thinks Kanak stole her deam.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 30th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Anant Escapes From Goons Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 30th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Anant Escapes From Goons Reviewed by rockstar on March 30, 2021 Rating: 5
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