Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Written Update 08th March 2021: Gehna returns home

March 08, 2021

Anant asks Gehna to sit in his car as everyone are waiting for her at home. Gehna closes car’s door and says she will not return home. Paresh requests not to say that. Gehna says she will not return home. Anant says he knows she is hurt, she should forgive him and return home. 

Gehna says she will accompany him home; he told her that he made a mistake by marrying her, his words shattered her thinking, her heart, his trust, her hope, etc.; her love, self-respect, family, hope of living, etc., are snatched in just a second. Anant says she is thinking wrong. She says she will do what he taught her, to stand up and fight for her self-respect. She walks away from them. Baa with Bapuji enters and stops her. Bapuji says he made a bigger mistake than Anant by not stopping her from leaving home and apologizes her. She asks him not to humiliate her by apologizing her, they are her world and wherever she goes, her world will be with her; she took this decision after a much thought and they shouldn’t stop her. Baa says she was angry on her during Saraswati pooja and didn’t forgive her even after she held her feet and apologized, but today she apologizes her with folded hands; she is Gehna’s mother and MIL, Gehna will accompany her home or else even she will not step into her house, the both will go home together; she is not their regret but their pride. Gehna cries hugging her, reminiscing pleading Baa to call her Gehna dikra. Baa says not only youngsters make mistake, even elders make mistake and Gehan should forgive her. She says she can do whatever she wants and wants to become and they are with her always. Paresh says nodody will stop her. Bapuji asks to trust them one last time. Anant requests to return home with her family. Gehna nods yes. Baa happily kisses her forehead and takes her towards home.

Tia with her siblings eagerly waits for Gehna and gets happy seeing Gehna returning with her parents, Paresh and Anant. She happily extends her hands to hug her. Family gets happy seeing that. Tia warns Gehna not to leave home again or else she will break her friendship. Gehna apologizes her. Hema brings chilli powder to throw on Gehna and is about to do so when Kanak holds her hand and drags her away. Pankaj tells Gehna that she gave a new life to Anant, so they are all thankful to her. Kanak takes Hema to kitchen and washes her hand while Hema insists to let her go as Kanak’s failed planned sent her Bhaila to jail, so she need not worry about her. Kanak says she is worried for her as whole family has reunited, they should get Sagar out of jail first and then take revenge from Gehna.

Anant standing inh his room’s balcony feels guilty reminiscing his words. Gehna brings milk for them. Saathi Re Thoda plays in the background. She offers him milk. He accepts it and asks her if her injury is paining. She nods no. Paresh enters and asks them to come down and have dinner. Gehna says she will go down and arrange table and leaves. Anant also tries to leave saying he has some work. Paresh asks if he is trying to run away from himself or the storm within him. Anant says he broke Gehna’s heart and trust and hurt her self-respect, he angrily told that he made a mistake by marrying her; if he thinks so, why would he have married her. He says its a matter of heart and he should listen to his heart, he should do whatever he didn’t do yet, he should give her a trust of husband make her realize her value in his life, etc.

In the morning, Paresh gathers family family ladies. He introduces himself as an organizer of today’s event and says they are celebrating women’s day today and he wants to introduce themselves to them. They are shocked to heart that and see someone wearing Gehna’s dress. Curtain raises further and they see their husbands wearing their dresses and mimicking them. They all laugh seeing that.

Precap: Anant informs family that they are all going for a picnic. Hema over phone asks Sagar not to worry as he will be out of jail soon. He says he is already out. Kanak says she was thinking. He shouts to shut up as her brain has gone numb after her failed plans, this this he will plan and it would be really big.

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Written Update 08th March 2021: Gehna returns home Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 Written Update 08th March 2021: Gehna returns home Reviewed by rockstar on March 08, 2021 Rating: 5

Choti Sardarni 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update

March 04, 2021

Meher prays and says I feel sorry about what happened. I made such a huge mistake. Ajay tells sarab Kulwant came. The kids come there. The kids hug Meher. Seher says I saw a dream. You were making pizza for Param. Please make it for us as well. Meher says we will all enjoy food together. They say our mom is the best.

Kulwnt recalls what Seher said Yuvi says Meher will pay for it. Kulwant says get ready. The same will happen in school now. Yuvi is confused.

Meher comes to the kitchen and starts cooking. She recalls her moments in that kitchen. Meher asks Ajay where are things. All places are changed. She says so many things are changed in 5 years. Harleen says I was telling you the same. Everything has changed in these 5 years even in this kitchen and Sarab’s life. Meher says changing places of things won’t change the taste of my hands that my kids love. I will learn the new places as well.

Samaira sits on the chair. Sarab says this is Meher’s chair. She says I am sorry. Meher says it’s okay. She can sit there. She’s my friend. Meher gives pizza to the kids. Param says Seher got lost in the house. Seher says it’s such a big house. I have to get rickshaw here from one room to another. Sarab asks Robbie did you get her admission done? He says yes. she can go to school from today. I got her books as well. Meher says I will drop you all. Seher spills the food. Harleen says what is this? Don’t you know how to eat? Sarab says it’s okay. He says you can eat however you like. Harleen says how can you eat from hands? She says so should I eat from feet? Meher says bad manners. Harleen says first teach bad manners and then say it. Seher says Karan was right, there’s a wi.. Param says winters. They laugh. Harleen says why are you laughing? She says this is our personal matter.

Sarab falls asleep. Samaira looks at him. She says I will miss you. I am here for 2 3 days only. You were my dream. See my fate never works. She caresses his face and is about to kiss him. Meher comes there. Samaira gets up. She says I got coffee for Sarab. I found this earring here. Meher says yeah it broke last night. Samaira says what happened? Of course you met after 5 years. Meher says you actually have a sense of humor. Sarab gets up. Meher says I am going to drop the kids. You rest. Sarab’s arm hurts. Meher rubs him arm. He says a kiss would make it better. He says my lips are dry as well. Meher pulls his nose and says I need to go. He says you can go there. She says I can’t drive. I didn’t drive for 5 years. Sarab pulls Meher close. He kisses her neck. Sarab holds her hand. Meher gives him a flying kiss.

Seher says all kids would be speaking in English. I won’t even me monitor here. Meher says it’s okay. If you work hard you will become monitor or we will make you home monitor. Don’t fight with anyone. Seher plays with the car. She says it’s such a pretty car. Whose car is this? Karan says yours. Seher says because you’re the princess of this car. Meher sits on driver seat. Param says she drives very well. Harleen says Param you forgot this book. Seher pulls the window up. Harleen screams. Meher pulls it down. Meher says I am so sorry. Harleen says mannerless girl. Seher says sorry. Meher says she got excited. HArleen says this is your poor upbringing. Seher sprays water on Harleen’s face. She says sorry mama.

Kulwant also comes to the school. She says see your biggest enemies. Your parent’s murderes. Meher says why are you scared Seher? She says I had a lot of friends there. Meher says you will find friends here as well. They go in.

Episode ends.

Precap-Yuvi hits Seher with kids and says your mom is a murder. He writes it on her arm. Seher locks herself in a room.

Choti Sardarni 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update Choti Sardarni 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update Reviewed by rockstar on March 04, 2021 Rating: 5

Anupama 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Nandini Proposes Samar

March 04, 2021

Vanraj stops car on the way to grandma’s house. Baa asks if car broke down. Bapuji asks why would he stop car then. Anu walks out and asks what happened. Vanraj says tyre got punctured, not to worry as he has a spare tyre and will change it in 10 minutes. Anu sees dhaba in front and says let us have tea, its even his tea time. He says good idea, Baa and Bapuji can relax for sometime. 

She says they will call even Sweety. Samar at home plans to do something special for Nandini. Baa gets out of car and says they will get late in lieu of tea. Bapuji that is a part of enjoyment during traveling. Vanraj says Baa says Bapuji pays attention to his news paper and not her. Mamaji says that’s because news paper doesn’t speak. Vanraj says Baa can have a date with chaiwala. Anu reminisces traveling with Vanraj to naani’s house and requesting to stop the car for tea and he rudely saying he will get late as he has presentation with Kavya in the evening. She says surri. He angrily corrects it. Out of flashback, Vanraj says today climiate is very good and he will buy her a tea.

Kinjal calls Samar and hearing him cooking says she and mummy cooked food already for him. He says he knows, but he is trying to utilize the opportunity. She asks if he is planning a date with Nandini. He says yes and says even she can go on a date with Toshu and come home late, but before parents return. She agrees and voice messages Toshu. Kavya hearing her conversation says she can go early as she will manage. Samar excitedly opens door thinking Nandini came, but seeing delivery boy jokes with him and closes door. Delivery boy rings bell repeatedly for money and returning change. Samar gets very angry and opens door scolding when he calms down seeing Nandini holding a dish. She says LOL. He says lots of looking lovely. She says she knows and walks in.

Vanraj changes tyre and seeing Anu watching him asks to go and sit. She says her guru Kinjal suggested her to learn even fixing tyre and minor repairs along with driving, she will go if he minds. He says she can stay here and says she drivds car well. She reminisces him shouting at her for learning driving earlier. He says just like cooking cannot be learnt by just watching, even tyre cannot changed by just watching.

Nandini taunts Samar that Pooja must be hot and she is sure she is nothing in front of her. He says she is more hotter. She feeds him cake and says its very tasty. She asks if he lies to Pooja like her. She plays music and dances around him on Taal Se Taal Mila.. song. Samar watches her mesmerized with her beauty and act. She slips engrapsed in dance and he holds her.

Anu helps Vanraj fix tyre. Vanraj says she doesn’t go to gym, then how can be so strong. She says she is doing household chores since years. Their hands collide while fixing nuts. He cleans grease on her chin. Ye Moh Moh Ke plays in the background. They enjoy each other’s company. Baa thinks she never saw them happy together so much and prays god to always keep their happiness and togetherness forever.

Kavya returns home early thinking of working from home and submitting report to Kinjal tomorrow morning. She hears door bell and opens door. A stalker speaks and says he came to check a next flat on rent and questions her about it and building. She says he should check with building secretary. He asks for water. She gets him water while he stares at her body while she moves and thanks her for water. She angrily shuts door.

Angry Nandini asks Samar/Sami if Pooja can dance better than her. He hugs her and says no girl in the world can dance better than her and after his mummy, only Nandini can dance well and nobody can be like her, his name is Samr and not Sami. She smiles. He says I LOL you. She says I love you so much. He gets happy hearing that. She says she shouldn’t have told this. He says good she spoke her heart out. She says tried to stop herself and her heart not to love or express it, but she did as she feared of losing him after she heard about Pooja from him. They both tightly hug each other and say LOL.

Anu sits under a flower tree and gets happy when flowers fall on her. Dil Ne Kaha Chupke Se…song plays in the background. Vanraj smiles seeing her happy. She gets alert seeing him. He asks her to sit and says she was getting happy seeing flowers falling on her; its easy to be happy, but they make it difficult. She says women know to be happy in every small moment. He hopes even men can learn to be happy with simple reasons. She says he can call Kavya from his phone. He says its okay as he will call her later if its urgent. On the other side, Kavya opens door hearing door bell and stands shocked seeing someone.

Precap: Vanraj gets angry seeing Samar and Nandini’s romance and says Samar misused privacy and if elders had not returned, he would have romanced Nandini whole night. Samar says he is insulting his love with these words. Vanraj says their relationship/alliance can never happen, so this topic and relationships right there.

Anupama 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Nandini Proposes Samar Anupama 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Nandini Proposes Samar Reviewed by rockstar on March 04, 2021 Rating: 5

Shaadi Mubarak 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Phurti Arrives At Tibrewal Mansion

March 04, 2021

The Episode starts with KT and Preeti talking to a client. The client says I want a human table in my cocktail party. KT and Preeti get shocked seeing the pic. KT says sure. Phurti eats popcorn. KT and Preeti come to her place. Phurti acts to eat fruits. KT says you know we don’t know, what’s there, can’t we see it. He asks Preeti will she trust her. He scolds Phurti and shows the pic. 

He asks what’s this, you do such things to earn money, you became a human table, when doctor said you can’t do any work. Phurti says you think I m your servant. They argue. Preeti gets a call. She says this can’t happen, you both have to get close now. Phurti asks what. Preeti says Phurti’s treatment report is positive, insemination is successful, Phurti got our baby in her womb. KT asks are we pregnant.

Preeti says yes. They hug happily. Phurti holds her tummy. KT thanks Preeti. Preeti says I will take care of her, we will take her to USA and get her delivery there, we will get baby back, none will know. He says fine. Phurti says please we will go to London. He says no, we will go to US. Preeti says I decided, we will go to London. Phurti hugs her. KT asks what’s the need to listen to her. She says you should give much happiness to a woman who becomes a mum. He says I want to give you all the happiness, you are pregnant, thanks. They hug. He says I will organize tickets. She asks how will we convince mom. They come home arguing. Preeti says KT is going to London, he got three contracts, he isn’t taking me along. KT says you can’t come in this state, you stay at home. Kushala says pregnancy is tough in this age, try to understand. Preeti says I need KT a lot, I will be happy with him. Kushala says Preeti is also right, she has to stay happy, KT you take care of her. KT says fine, how can I refuse you. The man gets tickets for them.

Kushala says your tickets have also come. Preeti says I called for arranging tickets, I knew you will convince him. Kushala asks is anyone else going with you. She asks who is Phurti. KT asks Preeti to tell about her relative, she was insisting to come and take care of Preeti. Preeti says yes, she will take care of me, she is my far relative. Kushala scolds them for planning it before. Shivraj says let them go, they have decided it, it will be good. Kushala laughs and says its good, we will worry less if there is someone with Preeti.

Phurti talks to Preeti. Preeti and Phurti dance happily. KT comes. He also dances and hugs Preeti. Phurti shouts censor… They laugh. Sneha asks did you decide it. Kushala says yes, I will go with them to take care of Preeti, we will go there and come back with baby. Phurti says I will stay there, you come back with baby. KT and Phurti fight. Kushala cancels Phurti’s ticket and books her ticket. She says I will go with KT and Preeti, I will surprise them. Preeti talks to her doctor. KT comes there. He says its baby’s file right. Preeti worries. She takes the file from him and romances him. He says you look changed, what’s the matter. She says you forgot me, you have to listen to me. She asks what. She says I want to have carrot and beetroot juice again. He laughs and says fine, I will get it. He goes.

Preeti gets sad and thinks I m trying to recover so that you don’t ever get sad. Phurti is on call. She asks what, my ticket got cancelled, what about KT and Preeti, what, are they going to London, they cheated me. Everyone is doing arrangements for a puja. Kushala says KT and Preeti will just come. Preeti wears jewellery. She gets dizzy. She takes her medicines. KT comes and asks what happened, are you fine, what medicines are you taking. She says vitamin tablets, doctor changed my medicines, any ways, leave it, did you finish packing. He says yes, I m very happy, he will be our baby, I get angry when I think of Phurti, why Phurti. She says we have to see the person’s heart, she is good at heart, she got cheated in life, any person will get bitter, she will change when she gets love. They go. She leaves her phone behind. Phurti calls her. She says Preeti isn’t answering, do they want to leave me here with the baby and go back, I will get cheated again. KT and Preeti do a puja. Everyone prays. Fire crackers burn. They all go to see. KT shouts who did this. Phurti comes says I did this. KT and Preeti get shocked.


Phurti scolds KT and Preeti. Kushala asks what are you saying, who is this girl, why did she come here. Phurti says tell them who m I.

Shaadi Mubarak 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Phurti Arrives At Tibrewal Mansion Shaadi Mubarak 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Phurti Arrives At Tibrewal Mansion Reviewed by rockstar on March 04, 2021 Rating: 5

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna Proves Anant Innocent And Sagar Guilty

March 04, 2021

Gehna enters court and informs judge that she has proof of Anant’s innocence and she will prove Anant innocent. Everyone look at her. Bapuji asks her where was she and how did she get injured. Judge asks him to sit and asks Gehna who is she. Prosecutor laughs and taunts that defense lawyer left the case and now wife will fight the case. 

Judge orders to maintain silence. Gehna says law says even if 100 culprits escape, 1 innocent shouldn’t be punished; law needs proof whether a lawyer brings it or 10th pass, she has proof with her. Kanak and Hema are shocked to her that.. Judge asks her to come into the witness box and speak. Gehna gets into witness box and after taking oath on Geeta says her husband is innocent and didn’t steal confidential file. Prosecutor asks who stole the file then. Gehna says Sagar. Hema shouts to not wrongly allege her brother. Judge orders her to maintain silence. Gehna has she has proof. Prosecutor asks to show her proof. Gehna says Anant gave her file to keep, she had kept it in cupboard and locked it, Sagar made duplicate key of cupboard key and stole the file. Hema asks how did Sagar get keys when key was with Gehna. Judge orders her not to interfere or he will take stringent action against her. HE asks Gehna when key was with her, then how did someone make duplicate key. Gehna says taking its imprints on a raw soil and reminisces the incident. She show original key and says it would have Sagar’s finger prints for sure, Sagar was missing during family gettogether. Hema asks why would her brother steal the file and why didn’t police find it in her brother’s room. Judge says he is ordering her third time and if she repeats, he will get her arrested in contempt of court charges. Gehna says Sagar had buried file under ground. Kanak opens her eyes wide in tension. Prosecutor asks how does she know about it, if she is with Sagar. Gehna says she met Sagar lying and keeping him busy in her talks made him reveal file’s location; file was buried under ground and she found it there. Kanak angrily yells at Hema.

Gehna continues that she took out the file from the ground when Sagar reached there, snatched the file, and tried to burn it. Prosecutor says her story resembles a film story and without proof she cannot allege anyone. Gehna shows Sagar’s confession video where he describes his crime in detail. Kanak and Hema get more tensed while Baa and team rejoice. Gehna shows video to judge and says Sagar thought he can trap Anant, but truth cannot be hidden and finds its way out. She says she has one more proof, her neighbor house has camera fixed and it recorded all the incident happened. Police brings Sagar. Hema cries seeing him being taken to witness box. Inspector says his team found him inebriated where Gehna told, he is limping as he jumped from window after stealing file. Prosecutor says she presented many proofs, but file is still missing and national security is at risk, so how can court free Anant. Gehna asks who told file is lost, its safe and even country is safe. She takes out file from her bag and gives it to judge. Family rejoices seeing that while Kanak and Hema frown more in tension. Judge checks file and says its the same one.

Gehna reminisces Sagar burning file and saying hope of her Anant’s innocence is also burning with this file. She breaks rope and hits alcohol bottle on Sagar’s head. Sagar falls down unconscious. She sets off fire from file with bare hands and runs with it to court with great difficulty. Out of flashback, judge says Gehna proved all her words and it proves that Sagar tried to trap Anant with a foolproof plan. He orders to bring Sagar in witness box. Sagar enters witness box angrily looking at Gehna. Jude asks him if someone helped him in his crime.

Kanak makes same shocking expression for everything and hopes Sagar doesn’t take her name. Sagar thinks he shouldn’t take Kanak and Hema’s name to let them stay at Desai House to take revenge from Gehna, anways he cannot escape punishment. Judge pronounces Anant innocent with all the proofs Gehna gave and orders to take Sagar into custody and investigate. Family rejoices hearing that. Bapuji emotionally says Gehna’s father saved his life and today Gehna saved Anant’s life. Judge tells Gehna that by saving the file, she not only saved her husband but also saved national security, this court is proud of her. Everyone clap for Gehna while Kanak continue to make same expression. Gehna reminisces Kanak’s words that she is a servant and should be same, Radhika asking if she can be equal to Anant, Anant yelling that she is illiterate and marrying her is his life’s biggest mistake, judge saying court is proud of her. She opens her eyes and sees everyone still clapping for her. Judge adjourns the court for the day.

Anant emotionally hugs each family member and cries. Sagar angrily looks at Gehna while being taken away. Anant gives him 2 tight slaps, making Kanak giving same shocking expression even for that. Anant says when he returned home, he doubted he will do something but didn’t knwo he would stoop so low. Police drags him away. Inspector asks Anant to visit police station for a few formalities and then go home. Bapuji says he will accompany him. Anant asks him to go home as he will go with Gehna. Everyone thank Gehna and walks away. Hema thinks police will torture her brother a lot. Kanak thinks what if Sagar takes her name unable to bear torture. After sometime, Anant returns home. Baa performs his and Gehna’s aarti in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham movie style and music. Gehna reminisces Baa slapping her and ordering to get out of her house. Baa says with Kanhaji’s blessings, her Kanha returned home; she would have died if something had happened to him. Hema tells Kanak that they are celebrating while her brother is in jail. Kanak says her brother went to jail due to his foolishness. Baa asks Anant and Gehna to enter home. Gehna stops remembering promising Baa that she will not enter home until she proves Anant innocent. Baa asks Anant to take Kanhaji’s blessings with Gehna, even she will apologize Gehna. She sees Gehna missing and asks where did she go. Anant says she left home.

Precap: Gehna meets with a car accident. Anant and Paresh find her lying unconscious on road.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna Proves Anant Innocent And Sagar Guilty Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 4th March 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna Proves Anant Innocent And Sagar Guilty Reviewed by rockstar on March 04, 2021 Rating: 5

Anupama 2nd March 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama And Vanraj Seek Psychologist’s Help For Pakhi

March 02, 2021

Anupama confronts Baa for calling her a bad mother and says she will happily sacrifice her life if her daughter is getting even a second of happiness with it. Baa asks her to stop lecturing and think what will people think if she takes Pakhi to a psychologist. 

Anu says she is a bad mother if she thinks about others and not her daughter, and if her daughter’s mental health will get well if she takes her to a psychologist, then she will take her there definitely. Vanraj seeing her condition offers her water. He tells Baa that their situation is bad already and they shouldn’t worsen it with internal fights. He gets doctor’s appointment confirmation and tells Anu they should go now. They walk into Pakhi’s room and sees mamaji entertaining Pakhi with his jokes. Once Mamaji leaves, they both wish her good morning and asks how is she. She says bad as she troubled them and asks if they are angry on her. Vanraj says not at all. Anu says they want to take her to a doctor. Pakhi says she is fine. Vanraj explains that Anu means a psychologist. Pakhi panics and shouts that she is not crazy. They both explain that just like when their body gets unwell, they visit a doctor, they need to visit a psychologist for their mental health. Vanraj tickle her and she laughs.

Vanraj and Anu take Pakhi to a psychologist. Doctor counsels Pakhi. Anu and Vanraj think they hurt their daughter unknowingly and are themselves are hurt with it. Doctor returns and says good they brought their daughter to her as she really needed psychological help, she is in deep fear that her parents will divorce and is unable to tolerate it as according to her a family means both parents and children stay under a same roof, but she is feeling her family is shattering. She tells Anu that she feels that her daughter is more disappointed with her as she never thought that she would react and take such a big step, she thinks her mother always adjusted and followed a policy of forget and forgive and this is hurting her a lot. Anu asks even if she thinks that they should stop their divorce and live together again. Vanraj asks if this is the only solution. Doctor says she didn’t mean they should compromise on their feelings and live together, but if they have to get their daughter out of the drama, they have to give her time to accept the fact and spend a lot of time with her as she is feeling that she is losing her parents’ love because of their divorce decision; they should explain this calmly with love and until she understands it, they need to manage as she fears that she will lose either of her parents. She says she can give Pakhi anxiety medicines, but honestly Pakhi needs their love and care than medicines as parents’ love is her best medicine; they should take her out somewhere. They both say they will do same and can do anything for their daughter’s happiness.

Anu and Vanraj return home with Pakhi and don’t find family at home. Samar enters and says he is back, followed by family. Pakhi happily hugs him. Anu emotionally pampers him. Samar says he missed her a lot. She says even she. He says not more than him. She asks if she is a mother or him. He looks at Vanraj and asks Pakhi why did she do so much mishap when he just went out for just 1 week. She says sorry. He tells Toshu that she should be punished. Pakhi says no. Samar asks Bapuji what he says. Bapuji says yes my cute idiot and plays Phoolon Ka Taaron Ka Sabka Kehna hai…song. Samar and Toshu dance with her while whole family cheer them up. They give her gifts and money and get emotional. Pakhi asks them not to cry as she will be with them always. Vanraj seeing children happy says they will do it. Anu says they will, and they both laugh.

Nandini feels sad that Samar cheered up Pakhi and ignored his friend, at least as a formality he should have told. Samar enters and says I missed you, he thought she would have read it in his eyes, but when she left angrily without greeting him, he realized that she didn’t look at his eyes or didn’t understand. She blushes. He says she can control smile, but not blushing. She walks away shy.

In the evening, Vanraj feeds Pakhi and Anu feeds Samar. Samar enjoys food and says he missed her a lot. Vanraj smiles looking at them. Samar tells Anu that thank god that Pakhi is fine, cool dude/Bapuji informed what Baa told her, she cannot be selfish or else she wouldn’t have managed her marriage for 25 years, wouldn’t have let Mr Shah’s girlfriend enter home, would have separated a daughter from her father; in fact, she did right with people who did wrong to her. Anu emotionally says when he is around, she feels confident. Samar takes her to home temple and gives her his first earning. Anu says he should submit his first earning to god. He says his mother is his god. Vanraj notices that and reminisces scolding Samar. Anu asks Samar to give his first earning to Baa. Baa says Vanraj gave his first earning to her, so Anu should get her son’s first earning. Anu happily shows her son’s first earning to everyone. Bapuji says looks like we saw light after a dark night, real earning his family’s happiness and he feels wealthy today. Anu signals Samar to take Vanraj’s blessings. He hesitantly touches Vanraj’s feet. Vanraj hugs him happily. Samar says they will party with his first earning. Vanraj they will party after a few days as Pakhi is going on a school trip to Panchgani and he permitted her. Samar says thats great as Pakhi would be with her friends and they need not worry. Toshu asks is it right to send Pakhi alone after so much happened. Vanraj says she is going with students and teachers. Toshu says they should be careful. Anu says there is a difference between being careful and being fearful, one who is careful crosses a road looking at both sides and one who is fearful doesn’t cross a road at all, so she doesn’t want any of her son to be fearful, Sweety will go on her school trip for sure. Mamaji claps and jokes. Anu gets more happy looking at Samar’s first salary.

In the morning, Anu and Vanraj return home after dropping Pakhi for school trip. Vanraj says he knows decisions is right, but he felt to get Pakhi back from school bus. Anu says she feels same, but she wants to let her daughter learn to fly herself and hopes she returns home happily like she left. Baa asks if they dropped Pakhi and if she was crying. Mamaji jokes people cry coming near her and not going away. Vanraj tells Baa that she went happily. Kinjal offers them tea. Vanraj says when Pakhi has gone, even he will. Baa says he should stay back for even mother. Vanraj says she is not understanding. Baa says he doesn’t know what happened in his absence.

Precap: Vanraj says he is confident now that Anu can handle family’s steering well. Baa says when they both can handle steering well, why don’t they drive together. Vanraj informs Kavya that he and his family are going to visit his aunt in Gandhinagar. Kavya hands over a file to Anirudh. Anirudh asks what is she planning. Shahs’ family photo falls down.

Anupama 2nd March 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama And Vanraj Seek Psychologist’s Help For Pakhi Anupama 2nd March 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama And Vanraj Seek Psychologist’s Help For Pakhi Reviewed by rockstar on March 02, 2021 Rating: 5

Shaadi Mubarak 2nd March 2021 Written Episode Update: KT And Phurti Make A Plan

March 02, 2021

The Episode starts with Preeti making Phurti rest. KT says you chose this girl for being our surrogate, she drinks, steals things, takes kids on rent. He says its a big responsibility, you gave a responsibility to this girl. She says same thing which you have seen in me, before making me a partner in Shaadi mubarak. KT says I knew I can trust you. 

She says I m also trusting her, she will be the best surrogate, it will be our baby. He says I can’t tolerate her, she made a baby cry for money, what’s the guarantee that she will not run away with our baby. She says she can’t do this, she got cheated in life. She recalls Phurti telling her about her abusive drunkard husband. She says I didn’t ask her to do this, she got ready herself, give her a chance please. Phurti wakes up.

She says I was much drunk, so KT is also here, I remember that KT was going to slap me, you stopped him, you can’t cheat me. Preeti says KT was mistaken. Phurti asks why did you faint, I was scared and took you to hospital. KT asks what happened to you, are you fine. Preeti says I didn’t had food and fainted. He says we will go for check up. She says its fine. She gets a message and says Phurti’s reports have come, she passed, I mean she is ready for surrogacy, I m very happy. Phurti says we have to go again, I will sleep now.

Kushala asks Sneha to take care of Preeti. Sneha says I m thinking to go on morning walk. Neil and Priyanka come. Neil says I have to tell something. Sneha asks did your wife force you to talk to us, you have become her puppet, you don’t say anything. Kushala laughs. Priyanka argues with them. She asks them to have shame for their dual faced behavior. Kushala shouts stay in your limits, we won’t tolerate it, Neil take your wife with you. Neil stops Priyanka. Priyanka calls him a coward. She goes crying.

KT comes to meet Phurti. She asks why did you come back again, you insulted me. He says I came to apologize, I thought you were kidnapping Preeti, you helped her, I m sorry. She asks what. He says I didn’t get the police, you all can go. Phurti asks why did you ask them to go. He says I want your help. She says I won’t help, go to police. He says for Preeti. She says fine. He says I think Preeti is hiding something from me. She says her affair… 

He says no way, I think she is worried for some reason, she isn’t sharing it with anyone, I was thinking if you can help. He tells her plan. She agrees. He says thanks. She says I will do this for Preeti, not you. He says even then thanks. Doctor asks Preeti to tell her husband about cancer treatment, she needs someone’s support. Preeti recalls spending time with KT on a surprise date. He says I have no regrets, just one complain that I got you very late, I wish I met you before so I decided that I will live our time well and make it beautiful. He says you will live freely with me, Preeti promise. She promises. FB ends.

Preeti says no, I can’t tell him about my illness, he just got happiness in his life, I will not give up, I promise I will give my best, I have to live with my husband. KT prays for Preeti. Preeti prays for the baby, Phurti will bring baby in the world. Preeti and KT get Phurti to the hospital. Kushala comes there. She says don’t worry, I will come, I won’t let 45 year old truth come out. Phurti says I can’t do it. KT says I knew it, she can’t do it. Preeti asks him to wait at the reception. Kushala doesn’t see them. Kushala pays the money to ward boy and asks him to get the file. KT hides in the room. Phurti says I m scared, find anyone else, KT doesn’t like me. Preeti says I have less time, why don’t you understand. Phurti asks what do you mean, baby will happen next year. Preeti says I wish I could explain, I have can…. KT’s phone rings. Preeti goes and sees him.


KT and Preeti do a puja. Phurti says they left me with the baby and disappeared. The crackers burn. Phurti comes with her bags to stay in Tibrewal house.

Shaadi Mubarak 2nd March 2021 Written Episode Update: KT And Phurti Make A Plan Shaadi Mubarak 2nd March 2021 Written Episode Update: KT And Phurti Make A Plan Reviewed by rockstar on March 02, 2021 Rating: 5
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