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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna Fails Radhika Plan

January 23, 2021

Gehna enters her room and is shocked to see Anant and Radhika lying on bed. Anant hurriedly stands up seeing her. Radhika says there is no water coming in her bathroom and everyone’s bathrooms were busy, so she came here. Kanak calls Gehna and she leaves. 

Anant angrily looks at Radhika and walks away. Gehna walks to Kanak’s room. Hema asks her to fix a pin in Kanak’s sari pallu. Gehna does. Kanak asks why she isn’t ready for pooja yet. Kanak says she will soon. Hema asks her to call Radhika as she knows good makeup. Gehna says Radhika is in Anant’s room bathing as her she is not getting water her in her room’s bathroom. Kanak checks tap, reminiscing asking Radhika to go and take bathe in Anant’s room. Hema says water is coming, why did Radhika lie. Gehna asks why would Radhika lie. Kanak says she thinks everyone is good as she is good, everything is fair in love and war. Hema says she forgot to take jewelry from Baa. Kanak asks Gehna to get ready as she is also this family’s bahu.

In pooja pandal, committee ladies ask Jamuna/Baa about her bahu. Baa sees Kanak and Hema and says here they are. Ladies say they are talking about her younger bahu Gehna who singlehandedly decorated whole pandal in such a short time. Gehna gets ready in her room after bathe and seeing Radhika reminisces her lie, asks her to come in. Radhika says she forgot her hair dryer in her bathroom and getting it says her hair is wet and she met get ill if she goes out like this, so she should dry her hair with hair dryer. Gehna says she is not habituated to it. Radhika says she will and drying her hair says she should learn to use digital gadgets as her small mistake made an oven blast. Gehna reminisces the incident. Radhika says she will teach her and asks if she can ask her something if she doesn’t mind. Gehna says yes. Radhika says she is good at household chores, but even maids do that; Anant needs a wife who is his compatible life partner who not only his home but also can handle his personal and social life and who can color herself in his colors. Gehna sits thinking while she smirks, then asks if she thinks he is compatible with Anant and can walk along him. Gehna says she knows she would say she is unfit for Anant, but she will learn to be compatabile with her and will not accept defeat until she succeeds; when Bapuji made this relationsip and Anant accepted it, even she will follow it faithfully. Radhika asks what if she needs whole life for that. Gehna says she will not lose hope and will continue as fate united her with Anant or else Radhika would have been with him. She thanks her for drying her hair and says she is going to pandal as Baa and others are waiting for her and even she should come soon; tells her room’s bathroom is fine now and she will not get any problem from tomorrow. Radhika thinks she will write her own fate with Anant.

Committee lady gathers everyone and announces about the cultural games and dance competition at last. She asks Tia to write Kanak’s name first in dance competition and asks where is Gehna. Gehna enters. Lady says she is entering even her name in dance competition. Gehna says she doesn’t know to dance. Hema says she knows household chores and cannot dance. Another lady says everyone don’t know everything, but they need to learn, even Gehna will learn. Tia says she will teach Gehna. Hiral thinks Gehna will fall on her face. Gehna hesitates. Lady asks Baa to tell her bahu. Baa says Gehna will participate in dance competition. Lady thanks her. Radha enters. Kanak tells Radha that everyone is participating in dance competition, so even she should. Radhika seeing Anant says even she will. Kanak thinks if Kanha’s bansi/flute plays, Radha will dance for sure. Devotees bring Devimaa’s idol. Baa says her bahu will set up idol. Kanak and Hema get happy hearing that. Baa says Gehna will set up idol, whoever set up pandal will set up idol. Gehna gets happy and emotional hearing that while Kanak and her team burn in jealousy. Gehna sets up idol with Anant and others while Paresh and Tia dance with devotees. Hema tells Kanak that all her plans failed and Gehna is praised by everyone. Kanak stops her angrily and takes oath that if Gehna doesn’t ruin Desai family’s dignity, she will accept Gehna as bahu rani and herself will become naukrani/servant.

Precap: Tia announces competition and gold bangles as winning price. Gehna with Anant participates.

Radhika asks Anant if he will become her partner. He says he will and holds her hand, leaving Gehna disheartened.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna Fails Radhika Plan Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 23rd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Gehna Fails Radhika Plan Reviewed by rockstar on January 23, 2021 Rating: 5

Anupama 23rd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama Files For A Divorce

January 23, 2021

Anu sits weeping in her room. Samar walks to her and asks if she is filing for a divorce. She asks if she is doing wrong. He says she is doing right as broken heart doesn’t think wrong. Kavya takes Vanraj home and hugging him says he returned to her at last. She asks him to file for his divorce soon. 

Vanraj says there is no problem with his divorce as Anu would easily give it, but Anirudh would create a problem and not give her divorce easily as he is unpredictable. Anirudh enters and says he is absolutely right and says this man is like a football who is kicked from both sides; when his wife didn’t accept him, he came to Kavya and when Kavya kicked him out, he went back to his wife and vice versa; he came here as his wife kicked him again; he saw Vanraj walking behind Anupama to temple and after she rejected his moves he returned back to Kavya; he is of a saying na ghar ka na ghat ka. Kavya yells not to repeatedly mix poison in her life and should get lost. He says he is a matchbox for her and Vanraj agarbathi, she is using him to burn Vanraj; can’t she see Vanraj is using her. She shouts why is he bothered about her, if he so, why don’t he divorce her. He says if she want divorce, she has to pay him only 60 lakhs. Vanraj yells at Anirudh that he is shameless. Anirudh says when he saw Kavya is surrounded by shameless people, he came in; this house’s worth is 1 crore 20 lakhs and he needs his 50% share of 60 lakhs; they bought this house with love, but when there is no love, he needs his returns back; walks away signing paise dedo divorce lelo/give money and take divorce. Kavya shuts door. Vanraj shouts at Kavya that he knew her husband’s drama will start once he comes here, she should sort out her divorce with her husband and then speak to him.

Pakhi enters room angrily. Anu asks what happened to her and hugs her from behind. Pakhi angrily frees herself and yells that papa left home again because of her. Anu confronts her that she loves her papa doesn’t mean she will not respect her mother, she is not a small kid that her every mistake should be forgiven; she is misbehaving with her, her brothers, and her bhabhi and if she will shout at her father if she gets angry on him; if shouting is a license to vent out frustration, she should shout at them all; she should remember that she is her mother and if she misbehaves with any family member again, she will not tolerate it.

Anu walks on road reminiscing the moments she spent with Vanraj and his betrayal. Toot ke hum dono me jo bacha who kam sa plays in the background. She meets Sanjay and they both meet a lawyer to file divorce. Lawyer asks if she is sure that she wants to file for a divorce as usually people reach lawyer in anger, but back off when their anger cools off. Sanjay says they are sure. Lawyer says usually women don’t come here who. Anu says women of her age who has grown up children with one already married. He says usually women of her age don’t file divorce and if she is sure he will file divorce and take his fees as Sanjay is his friend, but it will take a lot of time and money for her. Anu says she needs divorce. Lawyer says Sanjay has briefed him about this case and if she wants to add some more allegations other than infedility, incompatibility, physical or mental torture, etc. Anu says she wants divorce without any allegations as its not necessary to mudsling at each other to get divorce, at the most society will blame her that she needs divorce, but it doesn’t matter to her as her family knows everything and that is enough for her, she will not ruin her family’s dignity to please outsiders, she needs divorce so that they both can live peacefully. He says he will file for a mutual consent divorce and asks how much money she wants to ask. She says she doesn’t need anything. He says she may need money to run the house and for her basic needs. She says her husband always fulfilled his responsibilities of a father and son, she has her own job and doesn’t need his money. He says if someone would have been in her place, they would have beaten him and ruined his dignity and vent out their frustration for the mental torture he gave. She says she just wants to get out of this mental torture and live a peaceful life. He says okay then, he will fie a mutual consent divorce and let us see if other party will agree for it or not.

Kavya over phone tells Anirudh that she knows he doesn’t need 60 lakhs, but is just trying to trouble her. Vanraj smirks thinking Anirudh wouldn’t easily divorce her, even he doesn’t want to fall in a divorce drama and live a peaceful life. After sometime, peon hands him over a letter. Seeing a lawyer’s name on envelope, he thinks Anirudh must have sent it and angrily leaves ignoring Kavya. Kavya thinks what happened to him.

Anu returns home and grinds masalas on stone grinder. Samar asks if she is okay. She says yes. He says people won’t spare any stuff, but she is sparing her life, he is so proud of her. He messages Nandini that mummy is a bit upset now. Family is busy enjoying in living room when Vanraj enters shouting what happened. Baa asks what happened. He shouts her bahu sent a divorce notice and asks Anu what does this mean. Anu says it means she needs divorce and when a thread of relationship cannot be untangled, it is better they break it. Kinjal reminisces telling same to Anu. Anu says she cannot forget whatever happened between them. Baa asks why can’t she forget. She says to forget, she has to forget her self-respect and her identity. Baa asks if her self-respect is bigger than her family. She says nothing is important than family, but family is built with love which their relationship lack. Vanraj says he wanted to return home and started loving her, but she denied him. She says once she denied, he returned to Kavya; his love vanished before a line on paper; he may love riding 2 boats, but she can’t; he is hurt as she is ending this relationship; in a society where a woman is even dictated what to cook, when she files for a divorce, obviously he is hurt; she will not let him stay at 2 places and is shutting one door permanently.

Precap: Vanraj takes Pakhi with him warning Anu that he will break her arrogance. Anu runs behind Pakhi crying.

Anupama 23rd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama Files For A Divorce Anupama 23rd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama Files For A Divorce Reviewed by rockstar on January 23, 2021 Rating: 5

Kumkum Bhagya 25th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Abhi And Pragya Get Married Finally

January 23, 2021

The Episode starts with Taiji coming to Abhi’s room to decorate the bed when a thorn pierces in her finger. She says it is inauspicious. Aaliya asks Soha to decorate the room and tells that Vikram’s family has come. Meera feels happy seeing Abhi happy and thinks she has no regrets, she will be happy that her name will always be taken, when his marriage incident is talked about. 

Aaliya calls Meera, but the latter don’t pick the call and says she doesn’t want to miss their marriage. Aaliya and Pallavi want to see Abhi and Meera married. Pallavi says I wish I would have seen them married. Tai ji says they must be taking rounds and that’s why not picking the call. Purab stops himself from telling the truth. Abhi asks Meera to call Aaliya and asks her to gather all the family members. He says he wants all the family members to see Abhi and Pragya’s marriage and wants them to know that their love is back. Meera calls Aaliya and asks her to call everyone to the hall, says she will make her video call so that everyone can see the marriage. Aaliya says she wants to see them getting rid of Pragya. Meera ends the call. Aaliya asks Raj to bring the projector to share the screen. Meera calls Aaliya and happily shows Abhi and Pragya taking rounds. Purab says congratulations and hugs Vikram happily. Abhi and Pragya take the rounds. Purab says your love won again. Aaliya is shocked and asks Bhai whom you are getting married to. Abhi says I will tell and asks Meera to mute the call. Purab calls Dadi and asks her to make a video call to Meera. Dadi calls Meera and sees Abhi and Pragya’s marriage. She blesses them. Abhi and Pragya happily take the rounds. Aaliya, Raj, Pallavi, and Tai ji are upset. Pallavi says if Meera is happy with this marriage, then it means that she wanted this marriage to happen, I am also happy for her. Aaliya goes. Purab says I will make Aaliya understand.

Pandit ji asks Abhi to fill Pragya’s maang with sindoor. Abhi fills her maang/hairline with sindoor. Pragya smiles. Allah wariyan plays…..Abhi makes her wear mangalsutra. Pandit ji declares their marriage rituals complete, blesses them, and asks them to take elders’ blessing. Meera wishes them the best of luck and hugs Pragya. She leaves from the temple. The shooter comes on the bike and doesn’t see Meera going.

Aryan tells Ranbir that Pandit ji wanted tea and that’s why he brought it for them. He tells that he has convinced old ladies to bless them too. Pandit ji comes and returns his phone, says he has memorized everything. Aryan makes an excuse. Ranbir says lets go. Aryan asks him to thank him.

Sarita behen gets emotional and says she is missing Abhi and Pragya. Dadi says Ram and Sita met after vanvas and remarried. Sarita behen and Dadi complement each other for their thoughts. Sarita behen says we shall go there and bless them. Dadi says Meera is with them and will help them. Abhi hugs Pragya and tells her that he is very happy. The shooter climbs on the tree and shoots at them, but just then they bend down to take Pandit ji’s blessings and the bullet hits on the pot. Abhi gets alerted and asks Pragya to come. They start running out of the temple. The shooter realizes that they are about to leave.

Aaliya vents out her anger that Abhi married Pragya. Purab comes there and confronts her for her misdeeds. He tells that he wants to see her failure and Abhi-Pragya’s victory. Aaliya says you are making me angry? Purab says you can’t harm them now and asks her to remember that evil is dead and Abhi and Pragya’s true love has a new start again. Aaliya says I will not leave you. Purab says you have done many sins, and it needs to be washed away. Aaliya says that very soon your imagination will end. Purab says your dreams are broken.

Pandit ji asks Ranbir, Jai and Aryan to meet the Dadis, and tells that till then he will bring the havan ingredients. Jai comes to Dadi and Sarita behen and thanks to them for agreeing to bless his friend. Ranbir and Aryan stop hearing Dadi and Sarita behen. Ranbir hides his face with the turban and comes to Jai, talks in a different accent, and tells that his face got an allergic reaction. He takes Jai from there. Sarita behen tells Dadi that they shall go and help them. Ranbir asks Aryan to ask Pandit ji to set up the arrangement for marriage behind the temple. Abhi and Pragya come out of the temple. The shooter shoots again and again and the bullet hits pots. Pragya says why someone is breaking the pots. Abhi finds the bullet there and asks Pragya to come. The shooter thinks to kill Pragya first. Abhi realizes and tells Pragya that someone wants to kill her. The shooter shoots again.

Precap will be added when available.

Kumkum Bhagya 25th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Abhi And Pragya Get Married Finally Kumkum Bhagya 25th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Abhi And Pragya Get Married Finally Reviewed by rockstar on January 23, 2021 Rating: 5

Choti Sardarni 23rd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Meher Brings Kulwant Home

January 23, 2021

Sarab says she will have no problem there. She will live very happily. Kulwant says I am going with my daughter. Your wife left and these people you know them. Ginni says don’t go. Jeeto says we will take care of you. Kulwant says I was about to fall. Only jagga cares for me but he has work. She leaves.

Kulwant comes with Meher and Sarab. Sarab says you can take any room you like. Kulwant says I would feel weird. It’s my daughter’s house. Sarab says it’s your son’s house. Harleen gets everything arranged in the house. She asks Param to touch things to donate. He says let me get Karan as well. Harleen doesn’t like that.

Sarab says I am lucky that I am getting a chance to take care of you. They come home. Harleen says I was worried when I heard about the accident. She sees Kulwant’s huge luggage. Param comes and hugs Kulwant. He says come nani let me take you to your room. Kulwant says the bed isn’t comfy here. Param says let me show you other room. Kulwant comes to Harleen’s room and says I will stay here. I like this bed. Param says but this is bua’s room. Kulwant says she can move to another one now. She acts like she’s fainting. Sarab says to Harleen it’s for a few days only. Harleen leaves in anger.

Meher calls Amrita and says please go back home. Amrita says this is my decision. Amrita says be careful about mummy ji. She will try to rule everything in your house. Param tells Meher Kulwant is saying she will stay in Harleen’s room. Meher says that won’t happen. I will shift her to other room. Sarab says it’s for few days only. He says I promised Jagga ii Kulwant will live here like his own house.

Jeeto says mummy jo went with Meher so she can live in a big house. She says to Jagga mummy jo said she wont give share in property to any son including you. Bittu says this all happened because of Meher.

Servants complaints to Harleen that Kulwant is troubling them all the time. Harleen says I am sure she is doing a drama. She puts a hot box near Kulwant. Kulwant is about to touch it.

Episode ends.

Precap-Bitu and Rana try to provoke Jagga against Meher and says she’s responsible for all this. Jagga comes to Gill mansion in anger and says I am taking mummy ji home. Meher shouts she isn’t going anywhere.

Choti Sardarni 23rd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Meher Brings Kulwant Home Choti Sardarni 23rd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Meher Brings Kulwant Home Reviewed by rockstar on January 23, 2021 Rating: 5

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 22nd January 2021: Meera does Pragya and Abhi’s gathbandhan

January 22, 2021

The Episode starts with Pragya swearing that she missed him so much every day and hope that they will meet one day, as she can’t live without him and loves him always. The shooter aims at Abhi, but the latter moves from his aim. Abhi asks Pragya to understand now and says now it is too late. Pragya says you can’t marry. 

Abhi says if you love me then let me get married for that love, as you have divorced me. He asks Pandit ji to start reading the mantras and asks Meera to take rounds. Pragya takes off garland from Meera and asks her to back off if she doesn’t want her to do anything bad with her. Ram Ram Jai…..plays.. Abhi asks what is happening? Pragya says if you think that divorce papers are right then you have to marry me, I want my husband, marriage and rights, everything. She says you have to marry me. Abhi says I am listening to you for the last time, and tells Pandit ji that I will marry Pragya. He asks her not to do this again. Pragya is surprised. He asks her to make him wear the garland. Pragya makes him wear the garland. Abhi makes her wear the garland. He asks Meera to sit in the car and says they will come. Meera says wait and returns the engagement ring to Pragya, says it was made for your finger and that’s why it was loose for my finger. Pragya looks surprised.

Dadi and Sarita behen see Aryan in the temple. Sarita behen feels that he has come to the temple. Pandit ji tells that he will not do the marriage which is happening with cheat. Aryan says it is not a cheat to unite two love birds. He says if Ranbir doesn’t marry Prachi then he will die and his soul will trouble you. Pandit ji says I am not the Pandit who solemnizes marriage and tells that he does the puja of the dead persons etc. Aryan says I will get the mantras from the internet and asks him to read. Pandit ji says marriage can’t happen without elders’ blessings. Aryan sees Dadi and Sarita behen sitting and tells him that they will get blessings from them. He doesn’t see their face though and asks Pandit to convince them to bless the couple. He gives his mobile to Pandit ji so that he can read marriage mantras.

Pragya tells Abhi that she knew that he loves her, but doesn’t know that he is doing this for her. Abhi says I am guilty. Pragya gets teary eyes. Abhi asks what happened? Pragya says my anger melted and flew out. She says I was coming to you, but you were going away. Abhi says you are the only one in your life. Pragya says you made me cry so much. Abhi says he wanted to hear her love for him. Pragya says I cried a lot. She says she was very angry. Abhi says you are not angry in the present tense. The shooter shoots at Abhi. Abhi runs as Pragya runs after him. The shooter gets angry.

Pragya says you made me cry and said that you don’t love me so that I say that I love you. Abhi says our love is different and I thought to do something different. He says if you had said this at home, then this wouldn’t have happened, but you brought the Police home. Pragya says you gave me a wedding card and wants me to say I love you. Abhi says he can drink even poison with her. Pragya says rasams happened with Meera. Meera says she didn’t get haldi applied and lied to everyone that she is allergic to it. Abhi says I had applied haldi to you and asks if she remembers or forgotten. He says I danced with you during my sangeet and not with Meera. Pragya says you know that I love you, then why you need to hear. Abhi says I knew that you love me, but my heart wants to hear it. He says I had a fight with Purab and told him everything. Pragya says if Purab knew this, and says if he had not told me then. Abhi says he would have brought you here. She says if I had brought Police then? Abhi says the Police knew that we are divorced now. Pragya says I thought it as property papers and signed, but how did you sign on it? Abhi looks on.

The shooter talks to the guy who hired him to shoot Abhi and tells that two ladies are here to marry him. The guy asks him to kill that lady too. The shooter sends Pragya’s pic. The guy asks him to kill Pragya also. The shooter thinks to go to the front and kill them. Purab comes to Aaliya. Aaliya asks where was he? Purab says he was on the terrace. Aaliya tells him that she will follow him. Purab says atleast you spoke the truth. Aaliya calls Raj and asks him to call Vikram’s family. She says Bhai and Meera might have married by now. Purab asks Raj if he is on Aaliya’s side. Raj says he is happy with Abhi’s marriage, irrespective of whoever he marries. Purab thinks so he will be on Pragya di’s side. Aaliya asks Servant to decorate the room for the wedding night and tells that she will throw unwanted things from the room.

Pragya asks Abhi why did he sign on the divorce papers? Meera says it doesn’t matter as he loves you a lot. Pragya says how did you separate me from you, though you know my love for you. Abhi says I didn’t know when and how I signed on the papers. He says I have become like an alive body after you left and don’t know when someone took his sign. He says he just knows that he is affected by the fact that his name is her kumkum and her name is in his destiny. Pragya hugs him and cries. Song plays…..tere bin jee na pawunga…..Pragya says I love you. Abhi says I love you too fuggi. She asks if you will call me by this name even now. He says yes, and by many names which I used to call you. Pandit ji tells that he has never seen such a couple and will do the marriage fast. Abhi asks him to do the marriage slowly as he wants the marriage for keeps for many births.

Purab says your defeat is clearly seen on your face, it feels bad when nothing happens as per the plan. Aaliya says nothing is going according to you, defeat is on your face too. Raj says Vikram’s family will soon come. Tai ji says the florist brought the flowers. Aaliya asks her to ask the Servant to bring the flower. Purab thinks the room shall be decorated as Pragya di will be coming and if Aaliya throws something from the room, then he will not spare her. Raj thinks what Purab is doing here and thinks even Dadi is not here.

Dadi and Sarita behen talk to Pandit ji and asks him to do the puja for Abhi and Pragya. Pandit ji says I have to get the marriage done of a couple who loves each other so much and asks them to bless the couple. Dadi and Sarita behen agrees and joke on Aaliya.

Aaliya tells that Bhai’s first night will be good as Meera understands him. Purab says yes, and that’s why she helps him. She takes the fuggi toy in her hand. Purab thinks if she throws it then he will not bear it. Aaliya keeps it back. He says it is good that you didn’t throw it, you don’t know what it means to Abhi. Abhi and Pragya sit for their marriage rituals…Allah wariyan plays….Pandit ji asks who will do the ghatbandhan. Abhi says shall I? Pragya says Meera supported you throughout, so she shall tie this ghatbandhan. Meera happily ties the ghatbandhan.

Precap: Abhi tells Pragya that their families want to see them getting married. Other side, Alia sees Abhi and Pragya taking pheres on a video and is shocked.

Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 22nd January 2021: Meera does Pragya and Abhi’s gathbandhan Kumkum Bhagya Written Update 22nd January 2021: Meera does Pragya and Abhi’s gathbandhan Reviewed by rockstar on January 22, 2021 Rating: 5

Choti Sardarni 22nd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Kulwant Decides To Go To Meher’s Place

January 22, 2021

AMrita cries. She packs her bag and recalls everything that Jagga said. Yuvi says where are we going? She says to your nani’s place. You are also coming with me. There’s no respect for me in this house. He says I won’t go anywhere. I will stay here. Amrita says then forget your mom and live in a house where your mom isn’t respected. Yuvi says no I will come with you. Let me say bye to everyone. She says there’s no one left in this house to say bye.

Meher cries and says how can mummy ji say all this. Jagag said such bad things to me. He says they both love you. Harleen says aren’t you going to Darjeeling? Sarab says we aren’t. Kulwant met an accident. She lost her sight due to fire. We have to cancel the plan. HArleen says I feel sorry for Kulwant but Param would be so upset. He prepared for hours. Sarab says we can go later.

Bitu says Amrita left the house. He reads the letter, it says I am leaving the house. I can’t live in a house where I am not respected. Jagga drinks and keeps calling her but no one picks. Jagga sits next to Amrita and holds her hand. Jagga gives Bitu and Rana meds and says stay with mummy ji and don’t leave her alone for a moment. I am going to find Amrita. Their wives make a plan for the movie and they leave Kulwant alone.

Kulwant says everyone’s name. No one comes. She steps on the glass. Kulwant says is there anyone home? She comes near the stairs. Meher and Sarab come. Meher holds her. Sarab says where is everyone?

Yuvi says papa is here. He says let’s go home. Yuvi says first say sorry. Jagga says Amrita you know how mummy ji is. You didn’t have to leave the house. Amrita says she called me thief, she insulted me all the time, she burned the furniture papa gave to me. He says please she lost her vision. Yuvi says mama called Jeeto to ask about dadi. Jagga says I know mummy ji is angry but she cares for you. She considers you her daughter. Let’s go home. Amrita says you said everything but sorry. I have tolerated enough.

Kulwant says Meher I am so sorry, I said such bad things. Meher says where is everyone? She says I had to go to the restroom. No one was here. Amrita left the house. Meher calls Jagga and says where are you? He says not your problem. Meher says you asked me to leave last night, no one was here today to take her to the restroom. She injured her foot. Jagga says stay with her. I am coming in one minute. Jagga runs. Amrita says where did Jagga go? Yuvi says he ran home.

Meher makes Kulwan’ts hair. She says DILs can never be daughters. Amrita left me. Meher says you also hurt her. Kulwant says only Jagga and you care about me. I will not give a penny from my wealth to Bitu and Rana. They come in with their wives. Meher says where were you? They say we went to get fruits for her. Meher shows their movie ticket. She says you went to watch a movie leaving her alone like this? Kulwant says get lost from here.

Meher gives food to poor people and asks them to pray for mummy ji. Jagga says where is mummy ji? Rana says we made a mistake. Pleas forgive me. Kulwant says they left me alone. Meher says why did you come from bed? Jagga says I am there to take care of her. Kulwant says I will kick these both out of the property. Rana whispers we will also tell everyone your truth. Meher says if I didn’t come on time she would fall. Jagga says thank you Mrs. Gill. We are here for her. We can take care of her. Meher says I saw how much everyone cares for her here.

Sarab brings medicines. Meher says can we take her home with us? sarab says of course. Jagga says she will stay here. Tell her mummy ji you will stay here. Mehr says will you come with her? Kulwant says I will go with Meher and Sarab. Jagga is shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap-Meher and Sarab bring Kulwant home. Amrita calls Meher and says you brought her home but be careful. She bosses around wherever she is. Kulwant says this room would be mine.

Choti Sardarni 22nd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Kulwant Decides To Go To Meher’s Place Choti Sardarni 22nd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Kulwant Decides To Go To Meher’s Place Reviewed by rockstar on January 22, 2021 Rating: 5

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 22nd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Jamna Praises Gehna

January 22, 2021

Anant tells family that whatever happened in pandal is recorded in Gehna’s phone, so whoever set fire will be caught soon. Hema imagines family kicking her and Sagar out of house. He shows recording to Baa, Bapuji, and Paresh who stand tensed. Hema, Sagar, and Kanak get tensed seeing that. Tia, Sapan, and Hiral watch video next and stand shocked. 

Hema tries to apologize, but Kanak stops her. Bapuji says whoever set fire in pandal will be punished, but due to darkness he couldn’t identify culprit’s face or else he would have given him to police. Kanak relaxes thinking Sagar is not exposed, else they would have also been exposed. Anant says he will not spare whoever did this heinouus act. Back in room, Anant looks at Gehna and says she has a stain on her face. She tries to wipe it nervously. He wipes it while she looks at him. He then asks her to rest. She says she has to decorate pandal. He asks to rest for sometime first. She says she has to now. He holds her hand and makes her lie on bed. Serial’s title music runs in the background.

Kanak with her team celebrates her plan’s success. Sagar says whole pandal burnt and even Anant’s heart. Hema mimics Gehna. Chetan mimics Baa. Kanak says real celebration will start tomorrow, already Gehna got herself insulted once and wants one more by taking up responsibility again, her overconfidence will drown her. They all chant all set mission Gehna.

Anant wakes up after sometime and seeing Gehna not on bed thinks she left for pandal and will not listen. Gehna threads flowers praying Devimaa to help her decorate pandal and save Desai family’s dignity. She makes toran/flower decoration and then cleans pandal and paints it. sShe lifts heavy carpet to lie it on floor when Anant enters and trying to help her their heads strike. She looks at him shyingly. He asks if she is hurt more. She says no. He asks what is her decoration idea. She explains. He likes it and says pandal will be ready with it and fixes toran. She says she needs to watch Maata’s decorative video on internet and since its in English, can he watch it and explain her in Gujrati. He agrees. She reminisces him offering coffee and she rejecting it, says he used to offer her coffee and she used to reject it, now she wants coffee. He agrees. She says when their head strike once, they should strike again or else people say they will get horns. Anant striking his head says now she will not get horns and goes to get coffee.

Tia wakes up in the morning and seeing decorated beautiful pandal excitedly calls whole family and shows pandal. Kanak’s team stand fuming in jealousy while Bapuji praises Gehna’s skills. Baa also gets happy seeing decorated pandal. Tia calls committee ladies who get happy seeing pandal and praising Gehna’s skills tell Baa that Jamna’s bahu has magic in her hands, she changed whole pandal in such a short span. Baa returns home. Bapuji welcomes her and says her feet is not on floor due to happiness. Baa asks him to ask Gehna why was she awake whole night, what if she had fallen ill. Anant returns home. Baa asks him to inform Gehna to take bathe and rest for sometime and to apply ointment on her burn wound, Kanak will do today’s chores. Gehna gets happy and tells Anant that Baa praised her today. Chetan, Pankaj, Tia, Bapuji, and Paresh ask Kanak to prepare tea, coffee, and milk for them. Hema comments that naukrani/maid will rest and bahu rani will work today. Kanak says never, footwear are worn in feet and not kept on head. She stops Gehna and yells that her pandal is praised and when servants do good job, they give.. Hema says tips. Kanak gives her 500 rs tips. Anant noticing that stops her and giving her 2000 rs notes asks her to give tips to bhabhis. Kanak says he is insulting her by giving tips. He says even she insulted giving tips to Gehna, he cannot think of insulting her and thought she started a new ritual. He orders Gehna to give a befitting reply to whoever insults her. Gehna tells Kanak that she will not insult her tips and will keep it in front of god’s idol. Anant returns to his room with coffee for himself and Gehna and hearing sound from washroom thinks she must be in washroom. Radhika comes out of bathroom. He asks what is she doing here. She walks towards him and slips. They both fall on bed. Gehna enters and looks at them.

Precap: Radhika tells Gehna that she is good at household chores, but even servants can do that, can Gehna walk along with Anant. Kanak takes oath that if Gehna doesn’t harm Desai family and Baa’s dignity during pooja, she will accept Gehna as bahu and herself will become naukrani.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 22nd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Jamna Praises Gehna Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 22nd January 2021 Written Episode Update: Jamna Praises Gehna Reviewed by rockstar on January 22, 2021 Rating: 5
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