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Pandya Store 23rd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Raavi Misunderstands Shiva

The Episode starts with Raavi shouting free me also. Shiva thinks I can’t free her, else she can fall in danger, I have to deal with the goons first. She shouts for help. Pappu comes to the goons and says that girl has run away. Goon says she is inside. Janardhan calls Pappu. Pappu says the girl is here. Janardhan says it means Kamini was right. 

He asks him to alert the goons. He says its Gautam’s plan, he would be near the godown. Shiva goes out. Raavi cries and says he really left me, I didn’t think he is so selfish. Shiva fights the goons. He hears Raavi shouting. He thinks she ruined my plan again. He goes back. She sees him and shouts I hate you, you left me alone with the goons, I will never forgive you. Shiva says she hates me, catch me. He goes. Goons run after him and leave Raavi. Goon shoots at Shiva. Shiva hides. Dev, Gautam, Krish and Shiva come with the sticks. They fight the goons. Dev frees Raavi.

Everyone waits at home. Prafulla goes and gets Raavi’s bags. She says once Raavi comes back, I will not leave her alone with that Shiva. Dev asks are you find Raavi. Raavi sees Shiva. She asks how did you leave me. She gets dizzy. Shiva holds her. He says Janardhan did this, I will not leave him. Gautam says I know that, take Raavi home. Shiva lifts her. Suman scolds Prafulla. Prafulla says I will take Raavi with me. Suman says if she goes, then she can’t come back again. Gautam, Dev and Krish come home. Dhara asks where are Shiva and Raavi. Rishita hugs and kisses Dev. She says I was so worried for you. Shiva gets Raavi. Prafulla cries and says you killed her, I will not leave you. Raavi gets conscious. Raavi raises hand on Shiva. Dhara stops her.

Raavi scolds Shiva. She says I thought you have a good person in you, but no, you are like people say about you. Dhara says my Shiva isn’t like that. Raavi says naming him Shiva doesn’t make him Shankar, stone is a stone, one has to drink poison to save others, he married me and became great, he left me alone with the goons, he regards me his enemy, he got a chance to vent his enmity, he is a creep. Suman stops her.

She says he isn’t any stone, his mum is alive, you all are illiterate and creeps, you can’t value him, get the lawyer, take divorce. Raavi gets shocked. Suman asks Prafulla to take Raavi along. Jagat says no. Suman says Shiva sacrificed his life wishes and married Raavi, he saved her life, his name and existence are pure, no one can stain his name, get the lawyer. Shiva says let it be, no need to call the lawyer, if she feels I didn’t save her life, then let her think, I will not clarify, its her decision if she wants to stay here or not, she can leave. Suman asks Raavi to think well and decide. She says everyone will try to keep you happy until you are here, think well. Dev says I would have not believed this, he can never leave you alone in trouble, I know him, he would have risked his life to save you even if there was no problem, you are his wife, he understands the meaning of relations.

Dhara says Raavi, marriage depends on love, respect and trust, I know you both don’t have trust, you know each other since childhood, you need to trust him. Raavi asks how, he just kept enmity with me since childhood. Dhara says relations can’t be built overnight, things take time, but we have to give a chance. Prafulla says enough, don’t give us Gyaan, I will not let Raavi stay here now, come with me Raavi. Raavi stops. She recalls her marriage. She sees Shiva. Raavi says I got married in this house, I will face the problems, I will not run away, Jagat encouraged me to fight over all the problems, I can fight on my own. Jagat says you would feel that wrong is happening with you, one can’t get such a household, Shiva and you don’t love each other, even Gautam and Dhara didn’t have love between them, everyone gives their example, I m sure that people will give Shiva and your example also, forget the past, try to move on. Prafulla says don’t support her, we shall leave. She cries. Jagat takes Prafulla. Suman asks Shiva who had kidnapped him. They all look at Rishita. Rishita thinks why are they looking at me.


Shiva puts Raavi to sleep. He asks her to take rest. She argues with him. She says I hate you Shiva.

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